Multi Games

Multi Games
Play live table games from your terminal

Do you want to experience the game in privacy, but still catch the dynamics at the table from a distance? Meet Multi Roulette: that's how you play live via a terminal.

The Multi Games are offered in three variations:

  1. Roulette or Punto Banco 

  2. Roulette or Black Jack 

  3. Roulette or Punto Banco or Black Jack

Multi Games can be played in all 14 venues of Holland Casino.

How does it work?
Brief game explanation

Several live table games are offered at Holland Casino. Multi Roulette is directly linked to the live table games of Roulette or Punto Banco. With the Multi Games, this is also linked to Black Jack.

You play along from a distance via a screen. So the outcomes at the table are not only important for the players at the gaming tables themselves, but also for those participating in Multi Roulette or Multi Games. Want to know if you are playing on a Multi Roulette terminal or Multi Games terminal? You will recognise Multi Games terminals by the signing and the three games on the screen. We offer this in all our 14 establishments on a selected number of terminals.

The advantages of
Multi Roulette & Multi Games

Multi Roulette offers a number of advantages over playing at traditional live table games: 

  • You can play at all the odds that traditional table games also offer you; 

  • You have more privacy, as each player has their own playing area. However, you do get to experience the dynamics at the table; 

  • You don't play against a machine, as Multi Roulette and Multi Games is directly connected to the live table games of American Roulette or Punto Banco or Black Jack; 

  • There is a screen for regular play and a screen for betting on the neighbour print;

  • No need to buy colour chips at the table. Your playing area is set up on banknotes; 

  • All bets placed are your own, so you don't see what other players are doing. 


New: Lucky Lady's Roulette
Now on all Multi Game Terminals

Have you been introduced to Lucky Lady's Roulette yet? In this variant of Roulette, you can win up to 240 times your bet! Lucky Lady's Roulette can be played on all Multi Game terminals.

Check out the game explanation. Our colleague Laura shows how easy it is to participate.

Bet with your ticket

The minimum bet depends on the game you play and can vary from establishment to establishment.

Punto Banco

At Punto Banco, you can bet from €2, up to a maximum of €200. If you play Equality, your minimum bet is €20. On a Multi Roulette terminal, you play Punto Banco at a live table in Amsterdam West. It is open from 12.00 to 03.00 (opening hours may vary).

See here for more game explanations on live Punto Banco.


At Roulette, you can play from €0.50 in Eindhoven and at the other establishments the minimum bet is €1, €2 or €5. Opening hours and minimum bets are indicated at the Multi Roulette gaming locations.

See here for more game explanations on live Roulette.

Black Jack

Playing on Black Jack starts at a minimum bet of €2, after which you can increase the bet by units of €1 up to a maximum bet of €80.

Black Jack pays 3:2

  • When the Bank has an Ace, insuring is possible, payout 3:2 (7 seconds decision time).

  • When the Bank has an Ace and the guest has a Blackjack, "Even Money" is offered (7 seconds decision time).

Black Jack system

  • When the Bank has an Ace and the guest has a Blackjack, "Even Money" is offered (7 seconds decision time).

  • System gives the guest 7 seconds to decide, in case of not deciding in time the system will take over.

  • System buys up to 11 (when there is an Ace in the card combination, it is counted as 1).

  • System passes from 12.

Black Jack split

  • Splitting (cards of the same value) is allowed once.

  • All tens in any combination (10, Jack, Queen, King) can be split.

  • Aces split receive 1 card.

  • At a point total of 9, 10 and 11, the bet may be doubled, even after splitting cards.

See here for more game explanations on live Black Jack.


Roulette is a high-risk game. Read what that means here.