Black Jack

Black Jack
Beat the bank but don't go above 21

Black Jack is one of the most played table games in casinos around the world. This is not without reason, as Black Jack is an exciting card game and the casino version of the well-known game of 'Duck and Pin'. Get to know the basic rules here and discover how much fun Black Jack is too!

You can play Black Jack in all 14 venues of Holland Casino.

Objective of Black jack
Get more points than the bank, but do no more than 21

The goal of Black Jack is to beat the bank. The winner is the player who gets more points than the bank, but not more than 21. Players with more than 21 points lose their bet, regardless of what the bank has.

When do you have Black Jack?

Do your first two cards immediately have a value of 21 points? Then you have Black Jack!

How does it work?
Brief game explanation

1. Deal

The croupier gives each player two cards and the bank one card. All cards are face-up on the table.


Now there is a decision moment. Do you buy or pass? You can buy up to 21 points. If you have (almost) 21 points, you pass. If you exceed 21 points, you lose. 

3. Who wins?

Once each player at the table has made a decision, the croupier draws a second card for the banker and plays on to a minimum of 17 points. Then the croupier checks whether you have gained more points than the bank. 

The following outcomes are possible:

  • Do you have Black Jack and the bank doesn't? Then you win 1.5x your bet!

  • Do you have exactly 21 points or stay below it, but have more points than the bank? Then you win 1x your bet!

  • Does your card value go over 21 points? Then you lose your bet;

  • Does the bank have Black Jack and you don't? Then the bank wins;

  • Do both you and the bank have Black Jack? Then it's a standoff, or tie, and your bet stands;

  • Does the bank have the same number of points as you? Then it's a standoff and your bet stays.

Card values

  • King, Queen or Jack: 10 points

  • Ace: 1 or 11 points, whatever is best for you

  • Cards 2 to 10: face value

Bet with chips

How do you bet?

Black Jack is played with value chips. You can exchange money for value chips at the cash desk or directly with the croupier by placing money on the table. You can bet from €5 or €10. This varies per gaming table and establishment.

When do you place your bets?

You can bet until the croupier tells you that you cannot bet any more and makes a waving arm movement across the table. From then on, your bet is final. Then the cards are dealt.

Doubling, splitting and insuring

In Black Jack, you can choose to double, split or insure your bet. But what exactly does that mean?

Doubling and splitting

If your first two cards have a point value of 9, 10 or 11, you can double down. You then double your original bet and get one final card. Do your first two cards have the same point value, e.g. two nines? Then you can choose to split. Watch the video to see how this works.


If the bank's first card is an Ace, then the bank has a good chance of getting Black Jack. If that happens, you lose your bet. You can avoid this by insuring against a possible Black Jack from the bank. We explain how this works in the video.

Lucky 7

Seven is a lucky number, also in Black Jack. Lucky 7 gives you an extra chance of winning! See how it works in the video.

Make Black Jack extra exciting with these sidebets

You've just been introduced to the basic rules of Black Jack. By placing a side bet, you can make the game extra exciting. You have 2 types of sidebets: Perfect Pairs or 21 + 3. Read how it works here:


Pair Pursuit is an addition to your original game and can only be bet before the first two cards are dealt. You can bet on Pair Pursuit in addition to your original bet in the designated Pair Pursuit betting box on the table. In the combinations below, you win with Pair Pursuit: 

  • Perfect Pursuit
    Combination of, for example, two hearts Kings.
    Payout: 25x your bet.

  • Coloured Pursuit
    Combination of e.g. two red kings.
    Payout: 12x your stake.

  • Mixed Pursuit
    Combination of, for instance, a red King and a black King.
    Payout: 6x your bet.


The Black Jack side bet 21+3 is a side bet (an additional betting option) that plays on the outcome of the original hand (the player's first two cards and the banker's first card). A sidebet on a combination of said three cards. There are four win possibilities on this sidebet:

  • Straight Flush

    Straight Flush consists of three consecutive cards of the same symbol.
    Win: 30x your bet.

  • Three of a kind

    Three of a Kind consists of three cards of the same symbol.
    Win: 20x your bet.

  • Straight

    A Straight consists of three consecutive cards of different symbols.
    Win: 10x your bet.

21 + 3 sidebet is currently not offered at Holland Casino.

handig om te weten

Hand gestures

In Black Jack, you use hand gestures to indicate whether you want to pass or buy. The gesture for buy is tapping on the table. You can pass by making a sweeping gesture in the air.

Playing along

On the tables of Black Jack, you will find a double ring, followed by a number of single rings. If you have bet on the double ring, you are also called a box holder. You then make your own decisions during the game. Another player may decide to play along with you and bet on one of the single rings. This player does not make any decisions about the game himself.

When you stop playing

Do you want to stop playing? Then indicate when you leave the table that your seat is free.


Black Jack is a high-risk game. Read what that means here.


  • Black Jack: you have Black Jack if your first two cards immediately have a value of 21 points;

  • Box: the area on the table where the player can place the bet. This is marked as a double ring;

  • Box holder: player who makes his own decisions from the double ring on the table;

  • Croupier: the croupier deals the cards and is also called the dealer or the bank;

  • Doubling: doubling your original bet;

  • Flush: three cards of the same symbol;

  • Lucky 7: you have Lucky 7 when your first three cards are sevens;

  • Sidebets: additional betting option to your original bet. Well-known sidebets are Perfect Pairs and 21+3;

  • Split: when you split, you bet one more time your original bet. The dealer splits the two cards and you get a second card for each. With that, you can try for another 21 points;

  • Standoff: draw;

  • Straight Flush: three consecutive cards of the same symbol;

  • Three of a Kind: three cards of the same symbol;

  • Insurance: if the bank's first card is an Ace, the bank has a good chance of Black Jack. If that happens, you lose your bet. You can avoid this by insuring at half your bet.