Play responsibly

The risks of the game

The risks of the game

Holland Casino wants its guests to enjoy the game and the special experience surrounding it safely, honestly and responsibly. If you are 18 years of age or older, you are welcome.

To keep your visit to our casino and the games you play as safe as possible, it is important to to recognise the signs of irresponsible gambling behaviour in yourself and to be aware of the risks involved in gambling. We’ll explain this in more detail below.

Signs of irresponsible gaming behavior

Some signs serve as indicators of irresponsible gaming behaviour and may highlight an increased risk of gambling addiction. Stay alert if you recognise any of these signs in yourself:

  • You are no longer playing for the fun of it.

  • You are visiting the casino more often than you intended, even when you should be doing something else instead.

  • You are thinking about gaming more and more often. Thoughts about games are always running through your head, and you can only relax when you play.

  • You are spending long periods playing at a table or on a slot machine; you struggle to quit and you lose track of time.

  • You think you have cracked the system and you forget you are dealing with games of chance.

  • You are losing control over your gaming behaviour. You are coming up with excuses, or you find yourself lying about your gaming behaviour to other people.

  • You start having problems with the people around you. You are failing to stay in touch and you get angry when people say something about your gaming behaviour.

  • You fall into financial problems. You are taking on debt or you are borrowing money just to play. You want to make up for your losses by playing more.

  • You want to quit, but you can’t. You feel guilty or ashamed about your gaming behaviour. You feel down.

Do you recognize multiple of these signals? Then impose a visit restriction or entry ban at Holland Casino or register directly in CRUKS.

Recognising game risks

Games of chance involve a low, medium or high risk of developing a gambling addiction. Features of high-risk games include a high playing frequency (as is the case with slot machines), quick payouts and big jackpots.

On this website, you can find the risk classification in the explanation of each game. This classification can also be found in the game explanation booklets available in our establishments:

Low-risk games

The low-risk features of these games include longer periods between stakes and payouts, and longer periods in between stakes. It’s also not possible to play multiple low-risk games at the same time.

Games marked as low-risk score lowly on these features. Holland Casino does not offer any low-risk games.

Medium-risk games

The medium-risk features of these games include average periods between stakes and payouts, and average periods in between stakes. It’s also possible to play multiple medium-risk games at the same time, albeit within certain limits.

Games marked as medium-risk score averagely on these features. Table games at Holland Casino with a medium score include most poker games and Live Bingo.

High-risk games

The high-risk features of these games include short periods between stakes and payouts, short periods in between stakes and the ability to play for long periods without breaks. It’s also possible to play multiple high-risk games at the same time.

Games marked as high-risk score highly on these features. All slot machines and most table games at Holland Casino fall under the high-risk category.

The risk level categorisation is intended to make you aware of the risk involved, so you can take this into account while you play. A high risk level does not mean that playing the game always leads to problems. This depends on multiple factors, including your personal gaming behaviour.

Holland Casino stands for fair play. The games we offer are high-quality. They are inspected and controlled by Gaming Labs International (GLI), and consultation takes place with the Netherlands Gambling Authority on the reports produced.


Protecting your privacy and the security of your personal data is of great importance to us. This section tells you more about how we manage your privacy.


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