Everything about your outfit

Dresscode: Do's and dont's

Stylish and well groomed

A special evening calls for a special outfit. That is why we ask you to dress stylishly and well groomed. Read below how to do that!

Do's and dont's
Check what is and is not allowed


Look in your wardrobe and choose an outfit that makes you feel festive. This may be a dress or suit, but nice trousers and a sweater are also perfect. A lot is allowed!


Some items of clothing really don't fit the casino experience. You can keep the following clothes hanging in your closet:

  • Items of clothing with texts that other guests may find offensive or unpleasant

  • Jackets and body warmers for outside

  • Sleeveless T-shirts

  • Sports clothes

  • Skimpy or translucent clothing

  • Beachwear

  • Slippers, flip flops, slides

  • Workwear

  • Headgear

  • Damaged or worn clothing

  • Costumes