The secret to getting in

Entry requirements

Tick these 3 boxes
and come on in

1. You are 18 years or older.

2. You can show a valid identification document.

  • Passport

  • Dutch driving licence

  • Dutch, Belgian or German identity card

  • Dutch foreigner's document.

3. Your clothing meets our dress code: dress code: stylish and well-groomed.

Coats and large bags are not allowed inside: we are happy to keep them in the cloakroom.

Receive your own
Entrance Card

Are you visiting for the first time and are you older than 23?

Then you will receive a Favorites Card. This gives you extra benefits and a chance to win extra prizes. With a Favorites Card you can enter for free.

Are you visitising for the first time and are you between 18 and 23 years old?

Then you will receive an Xperience Card. This card also gives you free access to our casinos.

Good to know
  • Do you not have an Favorites Card yet, for example because you are going to the casino for the first time? Then you pay €5 entrance fee.

  • You also need your Favorites Card, Xperience Card or day ticket when leaving the casino.

Take into account
Extraordinary situations

Guests with an entry ban or visit restriction

Have you received or applied for an entry ban or visit restriction based on our Gambling Prevention Policy? Are you registered in the Cruks register? Then you are not allowed to enter. Read all about Cruks.

Combating money laundering

We are responsible for combating money laundering. That is why we have to carry out additional checks in certain situations.
Such a check may make your registration take longer. Or it may be that you are not allowed to enter.

Read more about combating anti-money laundering and controls.

Protecting incapacitated guests

Do we suspect that you cannot or may not make independent decisions? Then you will receive extra attention from us. To protect you, in most cases you are not allowed to enter.

Details can be found in our policy on legally incapacitated persons.