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Favorites Loyalty programme

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Benefit from many extras

At Holland Casino, we like to offer you a special night out, with live entertainment, delicious food and an endless selection of games. To make your visit even more complete, we have something special: the Favourites Programme!

You will enjoy many extras during your visit, such as: free entrance, discount at the bar or restaurant, a chance to win great prizes with the Favourites Jackpot and exclusive (win) actions.

    Exclusive (winning) promotions

    Play anytime, anywhere with your Favorites Card.

    More and more extra's for you

    Based on the number of visits you have made to Holland Casino, you will receive various extras. Find out which extras apply to you.

    From your very first visit, you will receive the Welcome Card. Will we see you more often? Then we will exchange your Welcome Card for a Black,- Platinum,- or Diamond Card. This way, we surprise you with ever more extras.

    How does it work?
    Use your Favorites Card and benefit from many extras

    With your Favourites Card, you benefit from many extras. The more often we see you, the more extras you receive. The Favorites Card is available for guests aged 24 and over.

    Use your Favorites Card for extras anytime, anywhere

    Whether you are playing, having a drink or dining: always use your Favourites Card.

    • Play with your Favourites Card at the Slot Machines and Multi Roulette by inserting the Favourites Card into the card reader.

    • Have your Favourites Card scanned when ordering at the bar or restaurant.

    More and more extras for you

    When you play with your Favorites Card on the slot machines or have it scanned when ordering at the bar or in the restaurant, you earn points that you can redeem.

    You also have a chance to win the Favorites Jackpot, an extra prize that you can win when you play with your Favorites Card on the slot machines (with the exception of Multi Roulette). So increase your chances of winning and you might just go home with a nice cash prize!

    Redeem your saved Favorites points

    You can redeem earned points for (play) money or for a discount at the bar or in our restaurants.

    • Go to the cashier or redemption terminal with your Favourites Card to convert your Favourites points into (play) money.

    • Pay at the bar or in the restaurant with your Favourites Card and exchange your Favourites points for discounts.

      Enjoy extras in our bars and restaurants

      Receive free drinks or discounts on Food & Drinks


      Get your
      Favorites Card

      When you visit Holland Casino, you will receive a Favourites Card if you are 24 years or older. You need this to gain free entrance to our venues and to take advantage of all the extras within the Favorites Programme.

      You can pick up a Favourites Card at a venue near you. Bring valid proof of identity and our colleagues will arrange it for you on the spot. Your Favourites Card can be used immediately.

      If you are aged between 18 and 23, you will receive an Xperience Card.
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