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Where: Holland Casino Enschede
When: Friday 21 June, 5 and 19 July, 2, 16 and 30 August
Time: From 19:00 hrs

Live Bingo
The most entertaining casino game

Are you a keen fan of the most entertaining casino game? On Friday from 19:00 hours onwards, our Bingomasters will make it another fun night full of excitement and thrills. Moreover, you will have a chance to win the biggest Bingo jackpot in the Netherlands.

Opening hours

You can play along with Live Bingo from 19:00 hours. You can start playing at any time as soon as a new round starts. All you need is a bingo booklet. Bingo books are good for 4 rounds of play and are available in the bingo hall for €15 each.

How Live Bingo works

Live Bingo is played with 90 balls. You play with your bingo booklet and a stamp pen. Our enthusiastic bingo masters supervise the game, while the big bingo machine spins the balls and draws the numbers. You can see the numbers that have fallen and the prizes you can win on the various screens in the bingo room.

Win cash prizes

During Bingo opening hours, you can start playing at any time as soon as a new round of games starts. It is not possible to make reservations for Live Bingo (full = full).


These prizes
you can win

You win prizes with a full line and/or with a full card. The amount of cash prizes to be won depends on the number of bingo cards in the game. The more bingo cards, the higher the prize.

Biggest Bingo Jackpot

Live Bingo has several jackpots of different cash prizes, including the biggest jackpot in the Netherlands: the Golden Bingo worth € 15,000. The jackpots are paid out on top of the regular full line and full card prize. You win a jackpot if your numbers fall within the number indicated by the 'Top Ball' of a game round. Which jackpot you win depends on the number of balls you need to fill a line or a full card. The jackpots consist of:

  • Gold Bingo: €15,000

  • Silver Bingo: € 1,500

  • Bronze Bingo: € 150

  • Golden Line: € 2,250

  • Silver Line: € 225

  • Bronze Line: € 25

Bull's Eye

There is one more prize you can win: the Bull's Eye. On each bingo card, two numbers are marked for the Bull's Eye prize. If the marked numbers fall within the numbers indicated by the 'Top Ball' number of a game round, you win the Bull's Eye prize.